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Mark Shuman

Director, Morphine: Journey of Dreams

Austin/New York based filmmaker Mark Shuman, Director/Producer of "Morphine: Journey of Dreams," came to the film with a unique affinity for his subject. He has worked on movies, television series and specials, commercials and music videos. Shuman was also the owner of a legendary Austin music venue, the Electric Lounge. The band Morphine played a show at his club on their first national tour, which led to a longtime relationship that ultimately birthed the documentary.

Shuman fell in love with films as a youth going to Saturday afternoon matinees and drive-in theaters on weekend nights. "There was always a mystique attached to movies for me," he explains.

After graduating from the University of Texas film school, Shuman moved to Los Angeles and started his career working on low-budget films with industry figures such as Roger Corman and Roman Coppola. He also began working on national commercial productions.

Returning to Texas, Shuman spent a few years directing national music videos in Austin and Nashville and after the Electric Lounge closed, he moved to New York City to work as an Assistant Director on television shows and commercials. He has since split his time working on productions and living in New York and Texas.

A chance meeting with Morphine saxophonist Dana Colley at Austin's South By Southwest Music Festival prompted Shuman to propose doing a documentary on the band to the surviving band members, who agreed and endorsed his film. He directed, produced and financed the feature-length film.

"I'd always loved the band," says Shuman. "I have always thought they were really underrated in terms of their  originality and influence, and it's a timeless sound and story.

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