2014 Austin Film Festival and Conference Schedule
Thursday, October 23 • 9:40pm - 11:30pm
Shorts Program 2: Back and Forth

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1946 UK
Runtime: 15 minutes           
Writer/Director: Robert Ford
Synopsis: At the turn of his career, Jimmy Stewart must choose between acting roles that move him and roles that make him money.
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The Last Night
 New Zealand
Runtime: 17 minutes           
Writer/Director: David Strong (in attendance)
Synopsis: On his last night in Afghanistan, a United Nations official is compelled to protect a village from the conflict caused by NATO and the local war lord he has befriended.
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Come Fly With Me US
Runtime: 10 minutes
Writer/Director: Christine Boylan (in attendance)
When a con man bluffs his way through the tense, final ten minutes of the biggest con of his life, the recent death of a loved one may trip him up, or be the key to getting away with it all.

Dishes US
Runtime: 10 minutes           
Writer: Peter Rosemeyer (in attendance)          
Director: Peter Rosemeyer, Billy Kirland (both in attendance)
Synopsis: A guy confronts his roommates about their dirty dishes. Words are said. Fingers are pointed. Things escalate quickly. 
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Also in Attendance: Mike Rosemeyer (Producer), Tom Demetrio (Producer)

We Have To Talk Sweden
Runtime: 9 minutes           
Writer/Director: Jean-Pascal Strüwer
Synopsis: After a break in their relationship, Fredrik and Caroline meet-up in a cafe, to discuss their future.
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El Beso Mexico
Runtime: 12 minutes
Writer: Mark Harvey Levine
Director: Carlos G. Davila (in attendance)
Synopsis: Daniel approaches his platonic friend with a simple request. He wants her to give him an honest, sober appraisal of how he kisses.    
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The Way of Tea France
Runtime: 21 minutes           
Writer/Director: Marc Fouchard
Synopsis: In a provincial French town, after the aggression of a young man, a store owner infuses a pot of tea as a peace offering.

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Billy Kirland

Director, Dishes

Carlos G. Davila

Producer / Director, Reverie Workshop
Carlos G. Dávila (1983, Monterrey, Mexico) graduated as an architect from the University of Monterrey before studying film in New York. His career in film began as a photographer, later went on to produce the Mexican independent feature film “2xUno”. Since then, Carlos has directed... Read More →
avatar for Christine Boylan

Christine Boylan

writer/producer Constantine, Once Upon A Time, Castle, Off the Map, Leverage
Twitter: @KitMoxieBoylan is a television writer/producer who has worked on Leverage (TNT), Off the MapCastle, and Once Upon A Time (ABC). Christine is currently a co-executive producer on NBC’s Constantine. She also writes short stories (such as Hoss at Popcorn Fiction) and plays (The Kid, a one-man show written with Joey McIntyre, premiered at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts in 2013), and has written comic books for DC, Marvel, Boom, Tokyopop and NBC, including two of the Heroes comics. Christine won the TV drama spec award at th... Read More →
avatar for David J Strong

David J Strong

Writer/Director & Producer, CraftInc. Films (The Last Night - AFF 2014 Shorts Program 2. Pacific Dreams 2011)
New Zealand independent filmmaker with two shorts and currently developing several features. "The Last Night" (17mins) is inspired by events I experienced while serving overseas in the Army. It recently won a Festival Director's Award in LA. It's great to be screening... Read More →

Mike Rosemeyer

Producer, Dishes

Peter Rosemeyer

Writer/Director, Dishes

Tom Demetrio

Producer, Dishes

Thursday October 23, 2014 9:40pm - 11:30pm
The Hideout Theatre

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