2014 Austin Film Festival and Conference Schedule
Sunday, October 26 • 2:30pm - 4:30pm
Shorts Program 4: Mothers, Fathers, Sons, and Daughters

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I Don't Care UK
Runtime: 14 minutes          
Writer/Director: Carolina Giammetta
Synopsis: Ollie, an uncertain and discouraged mother-to-be, befriends an unlikely young girl who helps her face her misgivings and find joy in what the future holds.  
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Fault Lines US
Runtime: 11 minutes          
Writer: Marisa Christine Medina (in attendance), Andrew Duncan Visser
Director: Marisa Christine Medina (in attendance)  
Synopsis: Headstrong eleven-year-old Nina is hesitant to have her seemingly hostile and irresponsible father watch over her and her younger brother after school.

Full-Windsor US
Runtime: 6 minutes
Writer/Director: Faraday Okoro (in attendance)
Synopsis: A young boy defies his mother by wearing a garment she has openly disapproved. 
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Tracks UK
Runtime: 13 minutes          
Writer/Director: Claire Oakley (in attendance)
Synopsis: When his father takes Ed on his inaugural hunt, their relationship is tested after Ed doesn’t react as expected, and their wider connection with Nature is brought into question.
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Osmonde UK
Runtime: 22 minutes
Writer: Tessa Nichols
Director: Elsa Bauverd
Synopsis: Antoine's relationship with his grandmother is put to the test when she asks him to teach her how to write so she can apply to an assisted suicide organization.  

Mimi & Me Canada
Runtime: 16 minutes
Writer/Director: Marly Reed
Synopsis: A teenage wallflower gets sex advice from her alcoholic, gambling-addicted grandma and then heads to her first party to win over the guy of her dreams.

Luke Ireland          
Runtime: 12 minutes          
Writer/Director: Conor Hamill (in attendance)
Synopsis: After years of being the sole caregiver for his dementia stricken mother, Luke must now also cope with the return of his older brother.
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Claire Oakley

Writer/Director, Tracks

Conor Hamill

Writer Director from Dublin, Ireland. My debut short film, 'Luke' is in competition and you can catch it in the Shorts Programme 4: Mothers, Fathers, Sons, and Daughters.

Marisa Christine Medina

Writer/Director, Fault Lines

Sunday October 26, 2014 2:30pm - 4:30pm
The Hideout Theatre

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