2014 Austin Film Festival and Conference Schedule
Tuesday, October 28 • 2:30pm - 4:30pm
Shorts Program 5: Into the Unknown

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Entrain Canada
Runtime: 7 minutes
Writer: Adrien Benson (in attendance)
Director: Adrien Benson & Elaine Poon (both in attendance)
Synopsis: Absorbed in his own world, Laurent draws the attention of a fellow train passenger who shares his interest in rhythm despite their obvious language barrier. 
Also in Attendance: Farah Merani (Producer)
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A Day in Eden Germany, US
Runtime: 11 minutes          
Writer/Director: Assal Ghawami, (In Attendance)
Synopsis: A somewhat incapacitated elderly man, in a nursing home, finds himself pursuing a wayward action for personal comfort.  While encountering a visit from a young woman, the two find themselves presented with a sudden and unfortunate occurrence that forces them both to confront a moral complexity. 
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Also In Attendance: Alex Trebby (Producer)

Remission Singapore
Runtime: 12 minutes          
Writer/Director: Annalise Leonelli (In Attendance) 
Synopsis: A lonely breast cancer survivor seeks intimacy for the first time since her surgery. 

Escape US
Runtime: 17 minutes          
Writer/Director: Zia Islam (in attendance)      
Synopsis: A paramedic faces an ethical dilemma, deciding whether or not to assist his partner in helping a group of undocumented immigrants escape from a police raid. 
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Zwei Zucker Germany
Runtime: 15 minutes          
Writer: Suzanne Riley
Director: Thore Schwemann
Synopsis: Klara and her husband, Anton, have been independent for years, but as Anton's health begins to decline, Klara struggles to hold onto her autonomy and emphasize to their son that she's capable of taking care of Anton alone. 

Under UK
Runtime: 12 minutes          
Writer/Director: Dean Loxton (In Attendance)
Synopsis: Connection can be revealed in mysterious ways, and for Kerry--a train operator struggling to deal with a traumatic event-- solace is found with a stranger.
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This Is Normal US
Runtime: 20 minutes          
Writer/Director: Ryan Welsh & Justin Giddings
Synopsis: A young, deaf woman struggles to deal with the ramifications of a regenerative surgery that could correct her ability to hear.            
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Tuesday October 28, 2014 2:30pm - 4:30pm
The Hideout Theatre

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