2014 Austin Film Festival and Conference Schedule
Thursday, October 23 • 7:10pm - 9:10pm
Shorts Program 12: Documentary Shorts

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The Next Part US
Runtime: 17 minutes                                      
Director: Erin Sanger (in attendance)  
Synopsis: A collected and confident look at how a double-amputee army bomb tech and his wife grapple with his injuries amid unexpected circumstances.
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Also In Attendance: Chris Ferguson (Producer)

Find Me a Man US       
Runtime: 7 minutes                                        
Director: John Sebelius (in attendance) 
Synopsis: Randy Roy lost her husband of 22 years, Bill, to a drunk driving accident eight years ago. Since his passing, she has found it difficult to find any man that measures up. The film explores the difficulties and humor that comes when trying to find love again, in your 60s, while living in Topeka, Kansas.
Also in Attendance: Brad Roszell (Producer/Editor), Randy Roy (Subject)

Changeover US        
Runtime: 11 minutes                                       
Director: David Ketterer, T, Connor Lynch             
Synopsis: As the days of 35mm film comes to a close, Bill Frankhouser, owner of Super 322 Drive-In in the hills of Pennsylvania, must come to grips with the financial and emotional challenges the industry has forced upon him.
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In Attendance: Chandler Wild (Producer), Scott Dela Cruz (Producer)

A Shot in the Dark US 
Runtime: 7 minutes                                        
Director: Clyde Burley (in attendance) 
Synopsis: A mechanic forced into retirement after a back injury learns to make handcrafted lamps out of what once would have been considered trash.

Slow Season US            
Runtime: 6 minutes                                        
Director: John Fiege (in attendance)
Synopsis: As the effects of the 2010 BP oil spill linger in Louisiana’s bayou country, a way of life begins to slip away for a crab fisherman and his sons.

Albert US       
Runtime: 14 minutes                                      
Director: Daniel Jaffe (in attendance)  
Synopsis: Albert Rizzi, a teacher who is now blind, shares his story of losing his eyesight and how his world has changed since. 
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Stella Walsh US          
Runtime: 15 minutes                                      
Director: Rob Lucas  (in attendance)
Synopsis: Almost fifty years after her stunning gold medal win in the women’s 100 meter dash, Stella Walsh is shot and killed in Cleveland, Ohio, exposing the truth about her ambiguous gender.
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The Granny Globetrotter
Runtime: 17 minutes
Director: Vince Williams (in attendance)
Synopsis: Kay Seamayer, a feisty seventy-four-year-old singer and basketball player, lives the dream by battling her way with the All Stars through the Senior Olympic tournament, in hopes for gold.
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Also in Attendance: Heather Child (Producer)

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Brad Roszell

Producer/Editor, Find Me A Man

Chandlier Wild

Producer, Changeover

Chris Ferguson

Next Part, Producer

Clyde Burley

Director, A Shot in the Dark

Daniel Jaffe

Director, Albert

Erin Sanger

Director, Next Part

Heather Child

Producer, The Granny Globetrotter

John Fiege

Director, Slow Season

John Sebelius

Director & Artist

Randy Roy

Subject, Find Me A Man

Rob Lucas

The Nightlight
Book editor, film festival coordinator, tired old man. I'm still living in Akron, Ohio and have to admit that I'm proud of it. I collect records, help run the Akron Film Festival, and run the blog http://interestingakron.wordpress.com. I'm a book editor for Gray & Company publishers... Read More →

Scott Dela Cruz

Producer, Changeover

Vince Williams

Director, The Granny Globetrotter

Thursday October 23, 2014 7:10pm - 9:10pm
The Hideout Theatre

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