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Mike Rosemeyer

Rose Land Trio Entertainment, LLC
United States
Unlike most aspiring film producers, Mike Rosemeyer was fortunate enough to be born into the entertainment industry. He grew up in Chicago and was privileged to gain experience on the sets of nationally televised commercials. His dad, a commercial producer, and uncle, a commercial director, were Rosemeyer’s mentors from an early age. They prepared him for both the rewards and hardships associated with the industry.

From an early age, Rosemeyer knew that working in entertainment was one of his true passions in life. At the age of 10, Rosemeyer and fellow managing partner, Billy Kirland, wrote a contract stating how they would move to LA and make films for a living. Needless to say, the thought of pursuing a career as a filmmaker started at an early age.

Rosemeyer went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he doubled majored in Economics & Film. The combination of creative and financial classes helped Rosemeyer realize that his true calling was to become a producer. During his time at Madison, Rosemeyer was fortunate enough to take all of the production classes offered by the school. These classes prepared him for producing two short films his senior year, both of which were selected to the Wisconsin Student Film Festival in 2011.

Following his graduation, Rosemeyer worked on Warner Bros. Studios Man of Steel. During his five months on the project, Rosemeyer gained practical experience in the pre-production and production elements of feature films.

Rosemeyer came out to Los Angeles in November of 2011. He has continued to gain production experience on feature films and commercials, and produced his first independent feature film during the summer of 2012. Primrose Lane, a Painted Saint Entertainment production, is currently seeking distribution.

Rosemeyer is currently working at Bellum Entertainment as an assistant producer on the television show, What Went Down.